Vernissage Freitag 06.Juli 2012, 20 Uhr

Ausstellung 07. – 22.Juni 2012
Öffnungszeiten, Dienstag – Samstag 14-19 Uhr

The art of Aga Baranska engages images that have been used in popular culture
and fashion media. Her intervention into these images through collages opened new
possibilities: fashion as an illusion.

“All Dress Up” exhibition focused on personal taste and investigates human form and
private dreams. Collage became for the artist a way of challenging process controlled
by knife, paper and glue. The result – anonymous silhouettes that are recycled,
reinterpreted and reprocessed. Faces and figures weave together to extent that make it
difficult to determine where one-person stops and other starts. They take us to a journey
to their freedom, fantasy and endlessly surrealistic wardrobe. They lead us with their
charm to imaginary worlds, in period, in which fashion pushes more and more towards
art and self-staging.

Aga Baranska graduated from London College of Fashion  before dedicating her work
to art. However fashion always strongly influences her artworks. Aga's trademarks are
freehand forms, montage and collages from magazines and sketchbooks. Over the years 
her personal style has become recognisable as eclectic and very feminine.
She exhibited her work in Tokyo, London, Vienna and Berlin.

Her work has been published by:
The Times, Saatchi&Saatchi, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire, Spur Japan, The Face,
Zoom on Fashion Trends, The Big Book of Fashion Illustrations, 
The Art of Fashion Illustrations, Contrast